Amanda 19 yrs old

leggings, t-shirt and cardigan - Old Navy size XL
boots - torrid
confidence - comes from all you guys <3
lavishlove submitted

Bra shopping. This one was too impractical to buy, but too sexy to not snap a photo!
Ladies, own your curves!


Thank you so much! I used to have such little body confidence but seeing all the beautiful curvaceous women on here every day made me feel so much better, and I felt brave enough to take this picture. Every single woman on here is beautiful, and I can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing for me and everyone else who comes across this blog! I’m 5’8” and I weigh in at 210 lbs, my measurements are 34F-32-47.

My submission to http://curveappeal.tumblr.com/ went through :’) thanks for all the lovely comments everyone, you’re all so nice <3

It isn’t my job to make you happy. Nor is it my job to make you feel comfortable about my size. If I’m sexy to you, that’s awesome. If I look ugly to you, that’s perfectly o.k. too. Don’t worry about me, honey. I know I’m a foxy lady. ;)

flickr photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/niceandblueee/6103366778/in/photostream

Kaitlyn - 190 lbsI love this blog. It helps with my self-confidence so much! It helps remind me that my curves are sexy and beautiful. Love your bodies ladies!

A first submission from “M,” seen here with her new strapless strap-on. I am quite intrigued by such a product. Show her some love, friends, and perhaps she’ll show us some more.

Dimples, stretches, cellulite and rolls of fat.  But it’s me and I am proud and curvy and I don’t need photoshop.
Crystal Deco 36GG/XL (yes, the bra is a tad small)